Elegance does not depend on luxurious ornamentation and finery, but on the perfection of the cut and fit.

Sabatini’s custom-made shirts are individually crafted from the world’s finest fabrics.

Every shirt is handcrafted to your unique measurements. Sabatini pays particular attention to the finer points of styling and detail, fabric selection, cuffs, collars, and pocket styles to assure the perfect fit.

Sabatini’s custom-made shirts are available for both men and women with extra touches that Sabatini adds to make you feel special — French cuffs that are a little bit wider and an extra stiff collar that will never need starch. They are individually crafted from the world’s finest fabrics. You can choose from a very fine assortment of cottons — his extensive selection ranges from versatile Pinpoint to premium Sea Island and Egyptian cotton.

Starching is never necessary due to the unique construction of Sabatini’s collars and cuffs. He uses triple fusing so that your collar will have that clean, sharp, pressed look all day long. Even after years of cleaning and wearing, Sabatini’s shirts maintain their shape. John Rockefeller, who knew the value of a dollar, regularly had his custom-made shirts reconditioned (changed the collars and cuffs) every five years, thus extending their lives to 15-20 years. Sabatini offers this same service so that you can save money. Your fabric is also pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about your perfect-fitted shirt shrinking after a couple of washings.

As for style, Sabatini’s clients mostly prefer the medium dress collar to enhance their executive image. Save the button-down for the weekend along with your sports jacket or sweater. The Medium Dress style collar has 3″ long points with a 4″ spread between points. For most men, Sabatini makes the collar a little higher in back to give a more luxurious look. French cuffs is an elegant and most popular look.

Customers please be advised that the minimum order for custom shirts is 6.